Main types of fireplaces

The main functional fireplaces are wood and gas. These fireplaces consist of a chimney, furnace and construction. Closed furnaces are mainly used. Closed glass fireplaces are selected for the presence of more heat and greater safety. Today furnaces provide the highest quality from the most advanced producers of fireplaces in the world. Wooden furnaces, gas furnaces, doors of a fireplace with remote control, glasses which do not blacken, etc. It is one of the presented products. Today, most of the European production is gas systems with remote control, but this system must be professionally assembled by professionals.

           Finally, the installation of heavy equipment such as a fireplace should only be carried out by qualified personnel. Do not forget that the fireplaces are used on fuel materials, as it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of fire safety and working conditions.

Wood (firebox)


Gas (firebox)


Water Contoured (firebox)


Bio (firebox)


Bioethanol (burning entry)


Artifical Wood


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