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It is considered that the fireplace is a luxury item in the house or apartment. However, this is not so. The fireplace makes the atmosphere in the room warmer and cozy I think. It is certainly the Central composition of any interior. Fireplace – not the element of the interior, which can be saved, because it is placed in the house, which we are building for many years, and unlike other interior items, the fireplace is an integral part of it. About Fireplaces >>




The right choice will help You to make only qualified specialists Flame Dekor Kamin, which will not only tell you about all the materials and technical characteristics of the fireplace that we can make your dream come true – getting an exclusive fireplace created by masters according to your sketches and drawings! Therefore, the motto of our company - an individual approach to each with warmth and comfort! whether it is an oven, fireplace, fireplace insert, gas furnace, fireplace, cladding, chimney, materials for installation or accessories. Our products >>




What could be better than spending a great time getting together with everyone in your country house in winter? If this idea is just a plan for you, then we will tell you in this article on which details of the fireplace to be focused on, and also, we will help you to make a choice. read more >>



Main types of fireplaces

The main functional fireplaces are wood and gas. These fireplaces consist of a chimney, furnace and construction. Products >>


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